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As you can see I am a big fan of Hummingbirds!

I have various pictures in the gallery. If you would like a copy of any photos please you will need to register for the gallery and then you can download them. If you place any of the photos on a website or web page you must provide a link back to my site somewhere on yours (preferably under the image).

You can use the address www.myhummers.com when adding the link to your site. In the near future I will have a selections of buttons to use and provide a link here.
Some photos may be uploaded by other users so they may have their own copyright. It is your responsibility to contact them if you want to use them.

I am looking for others that have any wildlife photos to please add them to the gallery section.
This is free and you can credit yourself in the description and advertise your site in the description as well for more credit!

I am trying to replace many of the photos I have lost in past years and the redesign, but the only way to make the gallery succeed is with your photos as well!

I visited the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN awhile back and thought I should mention something about the store that I visited.
It was Wild Bird Store, it is beautiful and found lots of great things to buy and read. Definitely a place to visit if you get there. They also have a web site it is www.WILD-BIRD.com

Look me up for a good a game of Cribbage in "Yahoo".  My ID is annhummingbird. If you go into Yahoo games and want to play a game of Cribbage look me up and mention that
you knew how to find me from visiting my website. I am also a Tourney Director in Cribbage please come and join the best league around and it is free and lots of fun www.jammin4fun.com.

Stop by my Links section to see if you can find anything that you would be interested learning or just want to browse around.
Many different subjects in there like: Spina Bifida information and pictures, Hirschsprung's information, Fantasy sports games, check the blue book on your vehicle, and more!
If you have a website feel free to leave your link there as well! Again I would appreciate a link back to my site.

A special thank you goes out to CJsCreations.com for helping in creating the site, installing & configuring the gallery along with the web hosting. Not to mention all the help I have received for the support on building my site(s).

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